PML-N candidates using state resources for electioneering: PPP

PPP party flag illustration-ONLINE

PPP party flag illustration-ONLINE

(Originally posted on daily Times)

By Faizan Ali Warraich

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party Lahore President Samina Khalid Ghurki demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan should take notice of the alleged violations by the ruling party’s candidates who, she claimed, were running their election campaigns using government’s resources and money.

She said that PML-N ministers are running election campaign for their candidates contesting local bodies elections in contentment board. PPP Lahore Present Ghurki along with PPP Lahore General secretary Rana Nisar, Khurram Farooq PPP Lahore Deputy Information Secretary and other PPP leaders formally announced the list of candidates contesting for local bodies election in contentment board Lahore here in a press conference a Lahore Press Club on Tuesday. Samina Ghurki said that under active PPP leadership we have won the senate chairmanship election, PPP workers are united, and PPP will show its power in upcoming local bodies elections. She said People party is a party of farmers, peasants and underprivileged class and have distributed tickets tot eh eligible ones. She added, that we have not make false promises of ending load shedding in three months to people like PML-N nor we had staged protests to end democracy the country. She concluded, that we have won from contentment board seat in the past and same precedent will be repeated in the upcoming local bodies elections.

She said that PPP candidates will contest election on PPP ticket in 15 wards out of 20 wards, where in two wards PPP will support ‘Azad candidates’. Wards in which PPP support candidates are ward no 1, and ward no 2. While, on remaining three wards consultation has been under process either PPP to support any candidate or will nominate direct candidates on seats, she added.

Names of candidates which are going to contest on PPP seats: Abbas Namardar, Sharif Mughal, Parvaiz Gill, Gulam Rasul Chaudry, Chaudry Sharif, Advocate Mian Safdar, Khidmat Ali, Adnand Chaudhry, Wajid Chadhry, Ali Mehdi, Tariq Jutt, Chaudry Ashraf, Faraz Zaidai, Imran Bhatti, Shair Ali,Khan, Rahsid Feroz, Sahutra and Mian Zahid Anjum. PPP leaders also said that different committees has established including organizing committee, election day committee and media committee. Whereas, seven member media committee to be formed under PPP Information Secretary Faisal Mir.


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