National College of Arts Students’ Showcases Artworks

(originally posted on Daily Times)

By Faizan Ali Warraich

LAHORE: Four-day National College of Arts (NCA) students exhibition concluded in which 120 students’ calligraphy, fresco miniature paintings and artworks were showcased. In the exhibition, as many as 120 students of traditional arts diploma program of NCA have displayed their work regarding Calligraphy, Fresco Painting and Miniature Painting.

On the occasion, NCA Principal Prof Dr Murtaza Jafri said that ‘with every exhibition NCA showcases , we are moving forward but much work has to be done in promoting the message of arts’. He said that in the exhibition people from different age groups have participated and admired students art works. A large number of NCA students, faculty members, professors and different walks of life people have visited the gallery and admired their art work. While students have also used zero size brush for finely that enhanced the beauty of their work.

Ustad Saif-ur-Rehman

Talking to Daily Times Ustad Saif-ur-Rehman, whose students displayed their artworks said that Fresco painting art work is rare art nowadays, that connected its dot lines with Mughal Art era.

Fresco work at Wazir Khan Mosque Minaret

He said that he had worked a lot to preserve the heritage which was being in the line to eradicate. Ustad Saif-ur-Rehman, who belongs to district Attock, said artists needed only appreciation and surely his students had put their efforts in making artworks and he wished them a good luck. He informed that natural colors were used in the painting which is purified from the chemicals and made after crushing the original stones like Feroza and Kajal as well as Peli Miti (Yellow Clay) is also used in the painting.

Ustad Gohar Alam , teacher NCA

Another teacher, Ustad Khurshid Alam Gohar Qalam said that we should promote our indigenous culture to the world level, and our Islamic calligraphy is our asset we should preserve them. Students who completed their diplomas in session of 2007 to 2014 had collectively thanked thie teachers who taught them so well that they were able to make artwork and present them for criticism. Rabia Sana student said that she had worked on the theme of gates of the walled city in her art work and her paintings blend past and present tradition of ours. Another student Rizwan Ali said that he had tried to mix several colors in his calligraphy painting which he had completed I time frame of seven days. He was inspired to Bin Qalandar art work, he added.

Ustad Gohar’s Work, picture courtesy


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