‘Azam-e-Pakistan Parade’ marks Pakistan Day


(originally posted on Daily Times)

By Faizan Ali Warraich

LAHORE: The city’s festive-mood revived after holding a colorful Azm-e-Pakistan Parade shattering the fear of ‘Talibanization’ in the society

It was the Pakistan’s first ever Azm-e-Pakistan civil Parade led by people was held at Liberty roundabout in capital metropolis on the 75th Pakistan day where people participated in large number and scenes of national zeal and unity were witnessed. The Pakistan Resolution Day also called Pakistan Day was commemorated on March 23 every year to remember the historic ‘Pakistan resolution’ was passed on March 23,1940 at ‘Minare Pakistan which actually paved the way to make independent country for Muslims in the then sub-continent, resultantly after seven years Pakistan came into being.

People from all walks of life along with children, families and especially youth came to witnessed the colours of national unity and regional traditions which springs onto the Azme Pakistan Parade and national songs were played on the moment. Whole parade was narrated with live commentary. Citizens appreciated Azme Pakistan Parade. Zaman Ahmed who came along with family to see the parade said’ these types of cultural activates provide platform to relax in already tense situation of the country and more events should be held and I am happy to be apart this crowd’

Total seven entry points were set up from where people were instructed to enter into the main boulevard road including entry points from Sir Saeed road, K-chowk, Haliu road, Zahoor Elahoi Road, Main Market. The Azm-e-Pakistan Parade formally started when DCO Lahore along with Punjab police marchers and city traffic police wardens uplifted the Pakistani flag and took a round from liberty roundabout passing from main market and came again in Liberty Chowk. After that, Punjab police march-past in front of the participants of the parade. It was followed by displaying Pakistan biggest hand-carry national flag which was presented by 350 students of the different schools, police also held flag march and equestrian squad which was applauded by the viewers.

Papu Saeen drummer when along with his drummers’ team beat the drum people got charged and youth danced a lot. In the end, singers including Ali Azmat , Jawad Ahmed and Shoukat Ali performed. Nabiha, a college student came with her family said that ‘I am here to support Pakistan and seeing such types of events actually boosts nationalism and today we only Pakistani’. Before the sunset , administration of the parade wind up the events as darkness lured.

-papu sain


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