Intelligentsia urges debate on nuclear weapons


(Originally posted on Daily Times)

By Faizan Ali Warraich

LAHORE: Pakistani intelligentsia urged country’s civilian and military leadership including all stakeholders of the state to start a public discourse on nuclear bombs and their aftermath, without delay, and utilize country’s potential to provide basic necessities to common people

The book launching ceremony, titled ‘Taqat Ka Saraab’ of renown physicist and peace activist Abdul Hameed Nayyar was held at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan auditorium. The book in Urdu language, contained collections of 15 articles published in international academic magazines written by Physics scientists from Pakistan and India. AH Nayyer who compiled and translated the articles said that the book raised some important questions on the India-Pakistan Nuclear warfare issue, like, in case of Nuclear warfare to what extend the damage will be occurred in both countries.

And, there was question of capability in command and control system of the Nuclear Bombs. While addressing to the audience he says there was a question mark on the existence of Nuclear Deterrence between the two countries who apparently provided us security comfort against the external aggression. He added, Nuclear Jingoism of Pakistan leaded nowhere. Further, he says to publish this book in Urdu to engage the majority of people who were out of discourse on Nuclear issues due to their lack of information. A Nayyer said that debate on nuclear issues were always hold on emotions rather than information’.

He said our world would not tolerate another Nuclear bombing, as it will wipe out the even signs of civilization. While talking to Daily Times, author of the book A.H Nayyer said ‘Despite having the capability to develop Nuclear Arms European countries are not opting the idea of making Nukes rather they go for strengthen their internal strengths’ On the occasion writers, columnists, intellectuals and civil society activists including columnist Wajahat Masood, Masood Ashar Khalid Anwer, Taimur Rehman were present.

Columnist and author of the book ‘Taliban or Democracy: Pakistan at crossroads’ while addressing said Pakistan from its inception turned into revisionist state , who wanted to change the geography of its borders , and, after having Nuclear bomb this added worrisome situation. He said, Pakistan was an developing country and in race with India of making Nuclear nukes , we cannot afford economically. He said ‘ we have to own this war against terrorism, writ of state have to restore in the lawless tribal areas, and prevent the butchers of our innocent children to spread their agenda’.

Senior journalist Khalid Anwer said in search of parity and deterrence we have crossed all the red lines, and has been done illogical discourse on the security issues. Pakistan has to learn from his past mistakes, he added. Forman Christen College Assistant Professor Yaqoob Banghas on the occasion said this piece of writing was great deal of help to simplify the discourse on Nuclear issues. we as a society should not treat our national or regional languages as rustic or colloquial, he added.


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