5 Rebels of Punjab : You Should Read Them

Punjab –a land between River Indus and River Ganges-had produced a lot of rebels personalities which came with holding flags of ‘Equality, liberty and freedom of people,’   in their hands and then never give-up in front of any kind of oppression and cruelty or barbarity even they risked their lives to promise their already pledged . Historians had misinterpreted the personalities we are going to discuss.  Four out of five were declared spiritual personalities, poets, religious figures, preachers, Sufis, mystic-loving individuals, selfless and at utmost height CELEBRITIES.  The LAST one was ‘satisfied and declared atheist’, till last breath of his life, but he martyred to liberate his oppressed people from British Raj in Sub-Continent. Today apart from their spiritual portfolios, this blog reveal about their actual and genuine MESSAGE of our rebels…

All of them were from Punjab and will remembered forever for their unconditional love Punjab.

  1. Fariduddin Ganjshakar


Baba Farid  (1469 –1539)who was famous for his Shalookhs (poetic verses), when witnessed the atrocities of the then rulers onto the people of his beloved land, irrespective of caste, religion, ethnicity, language he lauded his vocals in poetry form and never ever hesitated to register his protest against  the crimes of then rulers or to expose the hypocrisy in the then society.

  1. Guru Nanak


Great Nanak (1173-1266) founder of ‘Sikhism’ religion besides his rank of ‘holy deity’ among our Sikh brothers ,but  he was also the blunt personality in terms to vocal his voice against cruelties and hypocrisy of then rulers and fellow persons in society. He fought against old rituals and wrong beliefs of the people.

  1. Waris Shah

images (1)

Wairsh the great ‘versa’ heritage of Punjab (1722–1798) wrote a tremendous book ‘Heer’ in which he actually portrayed the real face of the then society. Waris had given the message to live in a unity irrespective of religion or color. He stressed not to compromise on atrocities of the rulers especially fellow people lived in society

  1. Bulleh Shah


Bulleh  (1680–1757) credited with some unique medals in history of Punjab, that Bulleh Shah in his era never ‘zipped’ his tongue due to the fear of society or any religious pressure. Bulleh in his famous verse of poetry said

Gal Smajh Lai Tay Rola Keh  

Ram , Raheem , Tay Mola Keh!

  1. Bhagat Singh


Take a breath!

Saheed Bhagat Sing (1907 –1931) staked his life to liberate his countrymen and to fight for his people of sub-continent and he proved his commitments with clay of his land, from which he was made from. Bhagat throughout his life never ever compromised and fought for a great mission.


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