P5+1, Iran Geneva accord will prove as river of fire


Javad Zarif Iran’s foreign minister with other FO’s.


Poet, Allama Iqbal who is known as Iqbal Lahori (from Lahore) in Iran writes tremendous good quality and thought provoking poems in Persian language.Persians have been reading these poems since last century, in that Dr Ali Shariati contributed his efforts to promote Iqbal message in era of 1960’s.Iqbal said in one of his poem from Zabur-e-Ajam (Persian Psalms) that Az Khwab Gira Khaiz( wake up from very deep sleep).Iranian people believe that a person who speaks such a sound Persian must be a Persian.All this background is set to talk about P5+1 and Iran Geneva accord on November 24.

According to mosharraf zaidi  columnist from The News this accord is the success of Public diplomacy a win-win solution for US to gain world trust that what Americans say is always right.This must be remember Iranian foreign minister Javed Zarif already said in high tone that this all accord would be ‘reversible’ in case of any mistrust or mischief, which ultimately is the fate of this accord in my point of view as student of international relations.US just deceives Iran to put pressure on Saudi Arab to gain regional and global interests.Iran shifts his policy towards modernism and liberalism which will not be an easy way for a theologian state.

Refers to accord between Iran and super powers , states nest six months are crucial for both sides to examine whether the terms and conditions are fulfilled for further talks. Interestingly, right after this agreement Rouhani said in a TV interview that She (Iran) would not stop uranium enrichment which shows the pressure put from supreme leader Ali khamenei on Rouhani. This is very straight if Rouhani-came as-modernist is tying to be reformist of modern Iran.

What he learn from Muhammad Mosaddegh short term democratic rule before Shah of Iran installation by CIA in Iran.Later on, CIA releases his official papers claimed they actually ousted M.Mossadaq .Imperial states have this tend coming from history.American inviolable dignity had damaged right after invasion in Iraq,2004.In which Iran also provide surveillance for Americans.

Iran had exposed by Lebanon newspaper on the time of secret deal between Iran and US known as Iran-Contra scandal.President Reagon secretly selling arms to Iran.From this side of view , Iran and US ally coming from inception of Iranian revolution.But this theory is not famous and recognized world wide.

Time is for Iran that she must not blindly trust on western assurances.People are idealizing Hassan Rouhani and wished for Afghan people that they can learn from Raouhani diplomatic triumph in Geneva. Afghanistan can also be a prosperous country within few decades If a true ad sincere leadership is available to Afghan people who believes in Education and negotiation not in state terrorism.

Iran has been living under sanctions imposed by western countries by which people are living (specially middle class) in hand to mouth conditions.Things are change now after accord between Iran and P5+1(Germany) in Geneva. Iranian foreign minister was overwhelmingly welcomed by people on returning victoriously from Geneva. Common masses arr cheering in Tehran streets.
It is clearly visible that Iran has left the confronting policy with US. A big sift in middle east regional politics.
on the other hand , I as a student of International affairs must give my humble advice not to trust and rely on P5+1 assurances ad they keep on developing their country as they were done in past three decades.The change in policy also indicates they Iran can left or shift from State religion (Shia Theology) towards more democratic eve secular law in coming decades as it was successfully done by injecting Shah Raza Pehvi (Shah of iran). My greatest concern is that the Obama administration wouldn’t follow through on the terms of the Geneva accord as they didn’t follow in past.

comming towards Pakistan, what we can learn from this diplomatic victory.This accord is the success of ‘public diplomacy’ and Pakistan can learn many lesson from this to counter local problems i.e energy & water issues etc.

Persians wake up from very deep sleep , when we Pakistanis will wake up!


2 thoughts on “P5+1, Iran Geneva accord will prove as river of fire

  1. Boy Pakistan Has Nothing As Far As Diplomacy Is Concerned. They Are Old Economy They Can Bargain And Do Diplomacy We Are Beggars We Are Entirely Different Case.And As U Know “Baggers Can Not Bargain”

  2. Boy Pakistan Has Nothing To Learn As Far As Diplomacy Is Concerned. They Are Self Reliant Oil Economy.. They Can Bargain And Do Diplomacy. We Are Beggars We Are Entirely Different Case. And As U Know “Beggers Can Not Bargain”

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