worldwide Resistance , Revolution , Rebellious mood in Youth

This photo is somewhere taken in Syria war (where Two Major Muslims sects are fighting with each other) . This mood connects in Egypt protests or Turkey’s protests or Brazil protests against governments . Worldwide Youth is becoming radically fasten their future seat belts for revolution , resistance and prepared themselves mentally for upcoming hurdles .
Youth mood is strange but overall I say its in their betterment .


worldwide Resistance , Revolution , Rebellious mood in Youth

4 thoughts on “worldwide Resistance , Revolution , Rebellious mood in Youth

      • I’m Syrian and I live in Syria, there’s no such a shiite regime thing in the constitution , the government isn’t Shiite neither the army. it’s a something that the media says just to make other Muslim sects be mislead about the origins and reasons of the Syrian conflict.

      • According to your statement , then there are some aliens fighting on Syria streets , some wear black dresses (Shiite )and some wear white (Salafi) !. Small minority group is ruling the country from past 30 years and suppressing the majority Sunni masses. Point is the western installed puppet Bashar al assad is no more in the favor of western countries , so they are supporting the rebels (including the Al Qaeda groups) and furnishing Islamist militants with arms, while Jordan, Israel,Turkey, Britain and the United States are also lending support. A normal person can;t support the policies of Asad but on this edge of war Asad’s victory is really important for the future of Muslim Hood in the Arab , specially in Syria Say your view. Thanks.

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