Jewish lobby and Afghan Childern

Afghan children

Unites States of America now  have such kind secretary of defense  who is famous in anti –Jewish lobby sentiments .This appointment dishearten the efforts of Jewish lobby in America  , whose representative are in the form of AIPAC- The American Israel Public Affairs COMMITTEE

Chuck Hegal newly appointed security of defense firmly belief in peace negotiations instead of imposing war. But what happened last Thursday, when Chuck was in Afghanistan for his first official visit to military bases in Kabul; and Jalalabad. He received blow from Afghan Taliban in the form of bomb blast inn which nine people lost their lives just outside the military base. In his speech there in Jalalabad he said ‘long decade Afghan war is now clear and its results are achievable’.

Once again the Hegal who was once famous for his bold views, now letting down in front of pentagon and military war lobby!

Afghan Jihad was turned into Afghan terrorism just for the sake of the interests of the United States. Strangely, the Taliban are the same group of people who put blood for the American people ‘Russian Red fear’ on the Afghan soil. Now these people are called ‘terrorist ‘ ( I don’t agree with the definition of the terrorist defined by the international community ), just because they are fighting against the united states . The problem of the Afghan war, easily understood that the people who are fighting against the United States want their land free from the foreign troops!

Now the longest foreign war of America comes into the final stage,  where US said he will put out his troops at the end of 2014 but some troops will remain there in Afghan soil to ‘maintain the security ‘.I am worry about that remaining troops who will be in Kabul streets after major US troops pullout!

Since 9/11 America used only one language that is use of power .Now on 2013 they are coming towards the negotiations with the ‘uncivilized persons belong to backward soil’ (Taliban).

Pakistan is playing its cards very smartly that he never started the Operations against his people in Waziristan which may lead to the great ordeal for the Army all over the country.

Drone Attacks are continuously violating the International law of sovereignty.

Well, did you know United States of  America is the only country who was blamed for his terror efforts to violating the international law ,1984 case of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in which the ICJ ruled in favor of Nicaragua and against the United States and awarded reparations to Nicaragua!.

The court used these lines for US, while the U.S. encouraged human rights violations!. But the world hasn’t seen any feel of ignominy from the American government.

The Future of children in the Afghan soil is a question mark. Thousands of innocent children have been killed brutally in the NATO and US air strikes! . Foreign troops pull out and local political or religious parties government is the only solution of this causalities

It’s time to re-evaluate the Afghan war and role of US in this war against terror!


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