Challenge for Pakistani Media




As the Tahiul-Qadri long march is just started from Lahore to Islamabad, but, in Quetta , we have Shia victims of bomb blast, in which at least more Hundred people killed of Hazara Shia Community .

Now, this is the time of challenge for our media. The media which always wants liberty and freedom from the Government sanctions. Today, Media is free, but sometimes through PEMRA, media channels get notices for violating the so-called national interest.  In this current situation, the media critics are watching the media reporting, that, how they present both issues.

I would suggest the media channels, media giants, anchor persons, public opinion holders, not to mislead these two issues on the other side and not to support blindly or exaggerated or partial reporting on these issues.

The media role is present free and fair reporting that’s it.

We should also keep in mind; the situation with India is not good and Indian media again trying to sabotage the relations between rivals’ neighbors. At, this point our media should have to response responsibly.


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