Truth about Syria killing




More than 60,000 people have been killed since Syria’s uprising began in March 2011
Curse on capitalism , Marxism , America and Russia failed to bring peace in middle east.Moreover, they put oil in the fire of blatant issues in middle east.I support Asad regime.and declared responsible America and European Countries for these causalities.Try to understand the situation , ‘they’ are dividing and ruling on middle east. I have sympathy to  victims families. But their blood will not go vain. The number of casualties is much higher than we expected, and is truly shocking.

Robert Fisk is right when he said

We’ve heard that more recently – in case the nukes “fell into the wrong hands”, as in gas which might “fall into the wrong hands” in Syria; or in Gaza, for that matter, where democracy “fell into the wrong hands”.

It’s all about the interest of capitalism that elected government declared  “fell into the wrong hands”. everytime.


One thought on “Truth about Syria killing

  1. The Syrian regime is a criminal oligarchy and it has to be thrown overboard is an entirely different story. The crux of the matter is whether Americans and NATO powers should decide which regime should be overthrown and how they should be executed.

    It may also be true that like all Arab regimes, Syrian regime failed to establish a strong modern and democratic state, by lack of national security policies, USA can make the same complaint about ME monarchies like KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, ..
    USA and Israel want a regime change in Syria and Iran,

    Several thousand mercenaries infiltrated the country. Recruited by agencies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar within the Sunni extremist community, supported secretly by the NATO powers,

    They also have access to vital military information, including satellite images of Syrian troop movements, and telephone interceptions.,

    Russian television channel indicated that Syria had captured a dozen French soldiers..
    The Syrian opponents are largely manipulated and supported by USA, Israel and France,
    In the secret war against Syria, , France and its allies are responsible for a conflict that caused the death of at least 3,000 Syrian soldiers and 1,500 civilians, plus economic losses and the sabotage of infrastructure estimated at least $ 3 billion.

    No Arab country looked after the Palestinian Refugees better than Syria, they were a friend to the Palestinian people.
    Syria is another Libya. NATO, media driven war. There are many things that need to change in Syria but not this way of the arms industry and by the secret agenda of Western powers.

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