Army’s Green Book: A late realization


Army’s Green Book being published, which has been now sent to the Operational commanders in the army.

Major points in  the Green Book:

1. Pakistan Army now considers internal war as the biggest threat to the National Security.

2. There’s a shift of concentration from Eastern borders to the western front.

Now the Army is realized that internal enemies are real big threats for the country than the Indian Army.It’s like a late realization I think , or it may be the strategy of Army.The shift in policy may also reduce the hatred for Indians in coming years.The end of Afghan war seems bloody and in this context , the Pakistan Army build it’s future operational strategy for war.

As Americans and NATO is going from Afghanistan soil by the end of 2014, the land of two cities will be more horrified with screams of people and bomb blasts, Kabul-Peshawer.

As the longest war in recent history is going to be end, Pakistan Army is a main player to provide a safe passage to the ‘Christen soilders. Let we pray for a Happy Ending , Which I know , will never happen.


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