Happy New Year : 2013 Predictions


Asia is on the eve of ‘Asia Spring’. I hope that like in Egypt, in Pakistan will also see the change and new or true leaders will emerge. I am hoping a Renaissance in the Islamic World. As Europe is on the eve of downfall in the morality, some of the leaders present today, may overthrow by the people. I declared the Obama and Putin for the villains of the 2012, both the capitalism and Marxism failed counter the people security of world. America is in the longest war of recent history in Afghanistan and how the hell Obama named Time person of the year, and got Noble peace price.

This international organizations and surveys are the tools of Imperialism mindset, we should own build our institutes in the Islamic world and build barriers from the flow of information coming from the West, in terms of rumors. Politically you see the decline of

Turkey, Australia, Germany, and United States. Rise of Iran and east as whole will be seen throughout the year. Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan may face hard damage but their determination will lead them to ultimate victory. From Europe, the world will see so many other Intellectuals also rise , who talk about the decline of Europe and the Machinism culture.

The debate of the Ideal Human Society also will on boom throughout the next year. Muslims as a Muslim should start the efforts to revive the Early Islamic heritage and to change current stagnated society into the better reformed society. Heroes must be declared those who fight against imperialism and strive to change the society and fight for their people irrespective of their religion Khalid Mashal ,Malala, Ahmedinijad ,Mursi , Imran Khan, Kim of Korea, Chavez, band of girls who banned for their singing against Putin, the girl who raped in India ,Shazeb Khan of Karachi who murdered from feudal lord family , Shia pilgrims who continuously murdered in Baluchistan throughout the year, directors of all the parallel movie makers from all over the world ,Rohingya Muslims who were excelled from Burma , all the students and protesters of Spain who throughout the year spoke loud against the injustices, Garment factory fires which was 315.I am optimist for the 2013 , that if intellectual strive along with the masses to bring a change , let it may slow , but bring it happen in 2013.

I am considering  America no more as a Superpower in terms of technology , military ,economics and in Morality.Don’t Forget the new Chinese dragon coming by fastest train towards D.C  and  London.

Happy New Year.


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