In Remembering Benazir Bhutto


Special Thanks to Hamza Jamil for this piece of writing :

A week ago, I was asking my heart that why this December makes most of us so sad and throws us into the isolation’s. I  don’t know why it happens with me that mostly I borrow live words from the live situation I am dealing with. Here I will must thanks the situations who have always been teaching me. I am unable to take any decisions in the month of Decembers as it’s not very good for Pakistan. According to the Patriotic spirit, Pakistan is our mother and if my mother was never good in the months of December so how can I be? Recently we lost Bashir Balor (Late). Despite this we lost half of the Pakistan and complete Benazir Bhutto in this month too.

Journalists never live the life they want, as their primary objective is to add the present in history so some of them are always thinking for others.

Today is 27th December a killing night of the Daughter of East Benazir Bhutto. She was killed at Rawalpindi while she was leaving the rally when the attack occurred. Initial police reports stated that one or more assassins fired at Bhutto’s Bulletproof white Toyota Land Cruiser just as she was about to drive off after the rally.

 In July 1984, her younger brother Shah Nawaz died under mysterious circumstances in Paris. A year later she came back to Pakistan to fight the elections for National and Provincial Assemblies held by General Zia-ul-Haq. When she returned on April 10, 1986, one million people welcomed her at the Lahore airport. She attended mammoth rallies all over Pakistan and kept in close touch with the Movement for Restoration of Democracy. On December 18, 1987, Benazir married Asif Ali Zardari in Karachi. A long struggle to restore democracy in Pakistan done by BB.

Benazir graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Political Science. After graduating from Harvard, Benazir joined Oxford University in the fall of 1973. Just before graduation, Benazir was elected to the Standing Committee of the most prestigious Oxford Union Debating Society.

I will not accentuate more on who was Benazir Bhutto and what were her achievements but the lady who was of the view that when her father being a Sunni and her mother a Shia, the two sects can manage to live in peace and mutual tolerance than why not this country.

Well most of the people think that PPP is no more now as they have badly failed to run the state. I will not give any remarks here as I am still looking for the answer that why December was never good in Pakistan?

I pray a special tribute to the Daughter of East , Shaheed Benazir Bhutto with the faith that the death of an individual is not a death of a Philosophy. “Roti, Kapra aur Makaan” is the need of everyone. So let’s pray together for a better developed Pakistan.


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