Ceasefire in Gaza, Drama


As the fighting in Gaza continues, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and the United Nations are trying to achieve a cease-fire. But will a cease-fire lead to peace or just more war later?


Secretary UN, Ban ki Mon , said the  world have to responded immediately on this conflict to stop further escalation in rocket-war.

After viewing the children cut faces and wounded visuals on Tv screens from Gaza , I was thinking ,this destruction was not done by a civilized nation at least!.

The semi-war turned into its sixth day , and now the Israelite PM thinking about a cease-fire. Isn’t joke to the dead people and wounded people of Gaza?. The strategy of cease fire is old , When the Israelite Army , destruct or gain its target in their war , they come up with a TRUCE.

Just look at what Israelite achieved in this war, they knock out the whole area of missiles which was given by Iran to Hamas, and they attacked the Hamas PM office , killed 110 people including children till this blog is written, they are ready to invade their 75,000 troops into a landlocked area GAZA ,their enemy!. They are on the winning side.

But hey!, hold on. They are also demanding an immediate cease fire, because they achieved their target and killed the ‘terrorists’ in huge amount.

The Cairo is the busiest city, conducting negotiations, cease fire talk between both neighbors.

Here, at this moment when, may be thi`s conflict turned into a devastating war, or a cease fire is occurred, we have to go viral with this issue , where One party always  invade  ,destroy , and gain protection—while the other one , always gain pain , destruction and lost their children .


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