Abbas from Gaza in Cafe’ Lahore

The expression of writing would able to understand the latest airstrike and, ongoing conflict and rocket-war between Palestine and Israelite state.

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Abbas is a courageous and aspiring young boy from Gaza, who moved from Gaza with his family to save his life from the phosphorus bombing of Israel in Gaza territory.

He came here in Lahore, and we met here in café’ Lahore. He has spark in his eyes to do something big in his life with sad eye, with coffee, sitting alone in the café.

The conversation begins with greeting and general introduction, turned into thought provoking chat.

Faizan : I have heard the latest news of air-strikes of Israeli Army   in Gaza , in which Hamas , lost his military wing commander .Is your family is safe  

Abbas: No, because Gaza is my family .people there lost their young kids because of dog fight between Israel and Hamas .I am no more to any side. I have moved here just on my mother’s request, she may not see me as a dead.

Faizan: your friends were there Abbas , you left them in the hell!

Abbas : Yeah I left them , I left them for a reason. The reason is I have to create friend-circle whose thinking is balanced. I have no objection on doing Jihad, as it’s my holy duty to perform it, but we have been suffering from long sixty years, a ongoing war between Hamas and Israel. Our young fellows have died/martyred in this war .Their people have also suffered death. Every time, they signed a peace-pact. They tore that pact with their own swords. I am optimistic person; I used to tell my friends there, we should have to interact those minds, which want peace instead of war. And I have interacted with some of that people across the border.

Faizan: So how’s your experience while interacting with people across the border

Abbas : It was full of hope and excited!. There are people who want to end this bloody war, just because of faith! The young youth of Israel, also wants peace in their country and in their mind!

Faizan: But that is not the whole-solution of this conflict. IF some people want peace between two countries, then what about the governments, The PM Natenyahu and Mehmood Abbas which brings war just because to increase their political mileage!

Abbas :Yes , you are right , this latest air-strike by Israel is totally  a politically step to further enhance their power in upcoming general elections .Israel has general election in January 2013.We have to change the mind set of both!. But being a balanced and centrist thinker, I may come to findings that the atrocities of Israeli army have done a great loss to the Gaza people, which will not forget by generations!

I accept that , our people have also to find some other ways to resolve this issue , rather than jihad .but both the ways are acceptable , carrot and stick policy to gain the freedom from the Zionist .

I belief in peace revolution.

Faizan: you are contradicted your statement, that both ways are acceptable, war and peace negotiations at a same time.

Abbas  : But I said I, emphasizes on peaceful revolution .

Faizan: what you will do for your people, form here, living in Lahore?

Abbas: I will pray, write, speak, communicate and use all the mediums to raise the voice of my people and will show the word, what atrocities have done by Israeli Army. “I can’t stop now,” he said. If Israel wants a long-term truce, this time there must be conditions that improve our lives, such as lifting the blockade on the borders and the sea. The world must notice this latest intervention by Israel; otherwise it will bring a devastating war between the two neighbors!


He say goodbye with his sad eyes and left the café’. Yes he is a hope of Gaza people, which will bring freedom to their people one day!















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