Welcome To GAZA

Another Deadly Airstrike on Gaza by Israelite fighter planes.This time they killed Hamas military wing chief and eight more.In the aftermath of Air-bombing , schools,universities, shops are closed.

Just think for a moment , what kind of lines you are reading and what’s this place about , where schools are closed after air-strike by his neighbor country Air-force.After that , the planes throw dozens of pamphlets , in which they warn bout further attacks

Welcome to GAZA!


Yes , this is the land of Gaza, Palestine.Gaza people have a bad neighbors , really bad .They don’t care about their food ,education ,security , roads , hospitals, no they don’t.

They only care about their ‘people’.

Just look at this young kid with so much dreams , sorrows in his hands!



Well go ahead conspiracy theorists and say this is a perfect sensational media covering and  this young kid is called for this photograph by the bbc photographer.

I may say in the last ,that Gaza need the world attention immediately!.otherwise it’s bad neighbor is in it’s full swing to clear the whole Gaza land , for their people.Other wise , Israel’s latest Gaza attack could leads the situation towards serious war.



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