China’s New Dragon

After the six November American election , all eyes were on pre-planed Chinese leadership change in it’s ongoing Chinese Communist Party’s 18th Congress.

As, Xi Jinping has been confirmed as the man to lead China for the next decade.Mr Xi , replaces Hu Jintao, under whose administration China has seen a decade of extraordinary growth.


China have faced serious problems , like corruption in it’s army and it’s congress party and freedom of speech for the people. Mr Hu said if China failed to tackle corruption it could prove “fatal” to the party and cause the fall of the state.Now it’s upto him to tackle this corruption  

Political Pundits clam that if china is keep moving with growing -economy , it will take few years to become Super Power .

Let the time decide.Now I may say ,Mr XI ,wish you best of luck for the next decade , which will prove You Are or Aren’t Superpower.

Sino-Pak relations are on it’s new edge, hope this long decade our friendship goes as high as Hamaliya mountains , as sweet as sugar  , as deep as sea water!


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