Army is also accountable! گر تو برا نہ مانے

Congratulations to all of us! At long last, we are being promoted from ‘bloody civilians’ to ‘idiots’.

As  I read these lines on Dawn blog of Ali Munir ,whose titled was  ;If you don’t my saying so…, I prepared my self to write more lines to continue this excellent piece of writing.

I have answered the questions asked by COAS Kyani in his speech to the staff officers, in my earlier post..The Chief speech is in media for his strange stand in this democratic environment  ,where Pakistan is going to pass through into another democratic general elections  ,for the first time in his history.

Today’s blog is on the interview of general retired mirza aslam baig to Salim Safi in jirga programme.I have posted the link of the show .


I have serious concerns on how the general warn the nation that don’t disrespect the Army general ,you will suffer and see another coup on this parliament ..He was declared convict by the Supreme court of Pakistan, then what left behind?.He said in his interview that you people have to respect the army institute. He said he has no trust on this Supreme court and will not appeal again this verdict.So , if the retired COAS says like this ,who will obey the rule of law in this country.

Today eight generals and major generals facing cases of corruption , scam and just because of discussing their cases in media talks, media person received Shut-up call from the Generals.

In Pakistan, it seems everyone is accountable except the military!.

It’s time to bring it down the attitude of Generals, well ,if they calling us Idiots and Bloody civilians then we have no option to say them traitors and corrupt army generals.We have been suffered and wasted long 40 years by these Army generals.If we want to turned our country into turkey model ,then it’s time to show the corner to the corrupt and unquestionable Army generals.



2 thoughts on “Army is also accountable! گر تو برا نہ مانے

  1. No Doubt Army Shuold Be Accountable Foe Every Thig. Army Is Not A Holly Cow.
    But We Shouldnt Melign the Whole Institution For The Mistakes Of Some Stupid Army Genral. All Institutions and their Respect Is Equally Importent For The State As All Institutes Are |The Pillers Of State. Media Is Not Acting Sensibally these days as they are mligning the army as an institution.

    • This time media is behaving haves normal ,As the , verdict declares that both the accused former generals of the armed forces defamed their institution, adding that doling out money to a group of politicians was an individual act rather than of the institution itself.We are with this verdict and respect the army as a institute.but this time I am not ready to compromise on corrupt Army generals trial’

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