Pir-e-Iqbal in cafe’Lahore Part 2


I welcome you all, here we have the part two a conversation between Pir-e-Iqbal (spiritual guide   and Faizan (the knowledge seeker) .

Pir-e-Iqbal just about to sip the tea , when Faizan asked

Faizan : you said in Talu-e-Islam poem that the true believers are once more to receive from the court of God, The glory of the Turkamans, the intellect of the Indians and the eloquence of the Arabs!

Pir-e-Iqbal: O’ son, glory is waiting for you, I have said a hundred years ago. God will help those irrespective to the nation, the one whose intellect knowledge seeking passion goes optimum. The rise of Islam is like ‘written on the wall’. The problem is, you are not reading it!

Faizan: Jahan Baani Se Hai Dushwar Tar Kar-E-Jahan Beeni

Jigar Khoon Ho To Chashm-E-Dil Mein Hoti Hai Nazar Paida , he stopped for a while.

Pir-e-Iqbal: Jahan Benni (world seeing) is more favorable for you than world conquest .The world of your heart. Don’t listen to the world outside. Just look inside your heart, you will find thousands of worlds there.

Faizan : Pir-eIqbal , you cried on the fall of Muslims in Spain while you were on a trip to Europe , describe what happened there.

Pir-eIqbal : how I describe my emotions ! go and read my poem on Sicily (Italy island, once in Muslims hand) , when I saw the emptiness of the island , which was the catalyst for the renaissance on Italy and for further Europe , I said

Aah Ae Sisli! Samunder Ki Hai Tujh Se Abru

Rehnama Ki Tarah Iss Pani Ke Sehra Mein Hai Tu

Oh Sicily! The sea is honoured by you,

You are a guide in the desert of these waters.!

Moreover, you have read the last stanze of the poem ,which is

Main Tera Tohfa Sooye Hindustan Le Jaun Ga

Khud Yahan Rota Hun, Auron Ko Wahan Rulaon Ga

I shall carry your gift to India;

I shall make others weep as I weep here.!

Faizan: Then where is the hope, Pir-eIQbal ,in this situation, where we have been suffered the defeat from the last five hundred years!.We live in a  country ,which is under threat from the super powers and where girls are attacked by Taliban’s (religious extremists, as the world says)!.Pir-e-Iqbal , youth of  this nation and Ummat is losing hope!.

Pir-e-Iqbal : after a long silence ,said

You are the final message of God; you are eternal.

You are the guardian of the nations of the land of Asia.

Sabaq Phir Parh Sadaqat Ka, Adalat Ka, Shujaat Ka
Liya Jaye Ga Tujh Se Kaam Dunya Ki Imamat Ka

Read again the lesson of truth, of justice and valour!
You will be asked to do the work of taking on responsibility for the world.

After this, he stand and walk away from the door of café’ Lahore. We say a good bye to Pir-e-Iqbal!.May be we meet again with our Pir-e-Iqbal in cafe’ Lahore.


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