Pir-e-Iqbal in Cafe’ Lahore

Pir-e-Iqbal in Café’ Lahore

Tomb/grave of Pir-e-Iqbal

Pir-e-Iqbal in Café’ Lahore

Last night we arranged a Nashit (siting) with Pir-e-Iqbal (Spiritual guider Allama Iqbal), in café’ Lahore. We interacted with him and found following knowledge, Here it goes

Hamza: 135 years back a name was born at Sialkot which is still alive in the hearts of many people. There can be no Iqbal born again in the next 135 years as well.

Pire-e-Iqbal: It depends upon your struggle; I have done my job only. But there is a possibility that leaders are born once in a century.

Hamza: you were an heir to a very rich literary, mystic, philosophical and religious tradition.

Pire-e-Iqbal: Yes, I am thankful to God. But are they with me till the end of my life? .I build my vision by struggle and thought through  Khudi .Go and build your vision if you want God to ask you about your wish and desire.

Hamza: Almost all the important writers on you’ have referred to Dante’s influence on your work which you wrote in Germany.

Pire-e-Iqbal: He was the soul of west, which was in search for a perfect body. I admired his work and consolidate his soul to my body.

Hamza: As the Javid Nama is concerned, isn’t an imitation, and lacks originality because of it’s resemblances with the Divine Comedy.

Pire-e-Iqbal: It was written for the every child of the nation. He who , seek knowledge , will gets definitely .Our youth has to work on Divine spirit.

Hamza : you studied in Europe for three years and acquired a law degree at Lincoln’s Inn, a Bachelor of Arts at Cambridge and a Doctor of Philosophy at Munich University. At Cambridge, you crossed paths with other great scholars who further influenced in your scholastic development.

Pire-e-Iqbal:    Kheera na kar saka mujhe jalwa e Danish e farang.

Surma hai meri aankh ka khak e Madina wa Najaf.
It was while in Britain that he first went into politics. Following the formation of the All-India Muslim League in 1906, Iqbal was elected to the executive committee of the league’s British chapter. He presented his vision ‘Pakistan’ in the 1930 AllahaBad Speech.

It was the moment when all of us in complete silence, when Pire-e-Iqbal asked Faizan , why you are so quite in entire conversation .After that Faizan asked some question from Pire-e-Iqbal . Have you enjoyed the conversation between Pire-e-Iqbal and Hamza? Get ready for part 2, to read the chit-chat between Pire-e-Iqbal and faizan.

Happy Birthday Pire-e-Iqbal.


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