When COAS speaks


At last the COAS speaks


Today, ISPR issued a press release of speech of Chief Army chief General Asfhaq Perviaz Kiyani .

Current political-economic situation of Pakistan is under thunder storm of conspiracies theories .We have seen a Malala Case:  An exaggerated emotion Drama played well by our civil society.

The speech of COAF is a well representation of current situation of Pakistan as he ‘said, “As a nation, we are passing through a defining phase of history’.

After the verdict of Asgar Khan Case, there are many eyes on Army which were in seeking reaction of Army on this issue. Here we have an ‘indirect’ reaction of Army.

He said, ‘We are critically looking at the mistakes made in the past and trying to set the course for a better future’.

Leaning from the past is a continuous process to build our future on a experienced policies. As an analyst, I have no different view as the COAS said,

‘We should learn from our past, try to build the present and keep our eyes set on a better future’ he said while speech.

After this he talked about the fundamental principal,

‘The fundamental principle; that no one is guilty until proven, should not be forgotten. Let us not pre judge anyone, be it a civilian or a military person and extend it, unnecessarily, to undermine respective institutions.’

Asgar  khan case verdict by Supreme court of Pakistan , notified that General Rt Mirza Aslam Baig and Genera; Asad Durani , crossed  the line of constitutional to change the 1990’s elections .Role of Army in influencing the 1990’s elections were criticized by the opinion makers , journalist , civil society , political  figures on this verdict .COAS wants to say that we all done big mistakes in past ,let us go through them and let’s  not criticize the whole institute on the deeds of one person .I have to say , but there is no reason that we will close our eyes on the corruption of Army generals .

Our nation is looking forward to know about what happened next to NLC scam case , Royal Palm Golf club case , Abbotabad commission  case , Hizbut-tehrir linked general case , PNS mehran Air base attack case and much more.


For the first time in history, Army is under some real pressure from the civilian government, civil society: the people of Pakistan




My answer to the Chief is, yes we are empowering the Democratic institutes by a positive criticism and we are moving towards that Pakistan , where no body including Army Generals are dare to challenge the Constitution of Pakistan , which is based on the Islam.


3 thoughts on “When COAS speaks

  1. Quaid e Azam Muhommad Ali Jinah Aur Allama Muhommad Iqbal Ka Quran -O- Sunnah Ke Ayn Mutabic Islami Aur Flaahi Pakistan Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

    Baba e Qaum Quaid e Azam Muhommad Ali Jinnah (RH) Said On August 6, 1939

    “I was born Muslim; I am a Muslim and shall die a Muslim.”

    Pakistan was an expression of his deepest emotions for the political and cultural identity, whose roots were embedded in the State of Madina founded by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Khulafa e Rashideen.
    While addressing the Karachi Bar Association in January 25, 1948, the Quaid e Azam said:

    “I cannot understand the logic of those who have been deliberately and mischievously propagating that the Constitution of Pakistan will not be based on Islamic Shariat. Islamic principles today are as much applicable to life as they were 1300 years ago.”

    Here, Quaid-e-Azam crystal clearly declared, how his personality was, his deep affection to Islam and his desire to see Pakistan as an Islamic State.

    Further, In 1946, Quaid e Azam declared :

    ” We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles ”

    In his message to the frontier Muslim Students Federation, he said:

    Pakistan only means freedom and independence but Muslims ideology which has to be preserved which has come to us a precious gift and treasure and which we hope, others will share with us. (Address on 18th June 1945)

    When we look at some of the fundamental aspects of the Islamic culture, we can easily understand that the nature of Islam is peace. These are exactly the fundamentals on which Quaid e Azam desired to build up the building of Islamic Pakistan.

    On 5th March, 1948 Baba e Qaum quoted:

    “No doubt, there are many people who do not quite appreciate when we talk of Islam. Islam is NOT only a set of rituals, traditions and spiritual doctrines. Islam is also a code for every Muslim, which regulates his life and his conduct in even politics and economics and the like. It is based upon highest principles of honour, integrity, fair play and justice for all.”

    “Come forward as servants of Islam, organize the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.”

    Quaid e Azam emphasized on the Islamic ideology as being the basis of the struggle for Pakistan because he believed that only Islam was the unifying force of the Muslim Millat. Qauid e Millat said:

    “What relationships knits the Muslims into one whole, which is the formidable rock on which the Muslim edifice has been erected, which is the sheet anchor providing base to the Muslim Millat, the relationship, the sheet anchor and the rock is Holy Quran”

    So!! Pakistan was meant to be a state based on complete Islamic principles and the one who is still not agree then either that person is mentally dumb or simply an idiot munafiq anti Islam and anti Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.. 🙂


    Pakistan means the “ The Land Of The Pure ” First Muslim Nuclear Power Of The World, Second Largest Muslim Nation, According to surveys, Pakistan has the second largest salt mine, second largest coal reservoirs, fifth largest gold mines, seventh largest copper mines, 11th largest wheat producer, 12th largest rice producer and seventh country of the world with nuclear power, Pakistan is also blessed with vast land, natural gas reserves, petroleum, iron ore, copper, limestone and much more experts believe that Pakistan is blessed with mines of precious stones and rare earth elements the elements which are even more precious and in much greater and growing demand than gold, are used in latest high-tech equipment and long life batteries in most of stuff and electric cars etc are one of them too, besides other natural resources, many of them hitherto undiscovered In fact otherwise Pakistan was one of the most richest and developed country of the world if it ever had a honest rulers..

    On the geo-physical scene, Pakistan has adequate natural resources. For example, of a total land area of nearly 882,000 sq.km. (ranking fifth among the developed countries while it is larger than France, Germany, Britain, Japan, and Italy) it has arround 35 million hectares of land under agriculture. over 10 million hectars needs attention to convert into agriculture land. Pakistan has rich soils, favorable agro-climatic conditions, one of the most extensive irrigation systems in the world, and a hard-working farming community, Pakistan also has a large population of cattle, buffalo, goats and sheep, camel, and poultry and it also ranks among the highest producers of meat, milk, and animal products. Pakistan is a potential hub of trans-regional trade and commerce, and scientific and technological linkages. its over 1,000 kilometers of coastline has many suitable sites for developing the most modern ports linking many continents, in short Pakistan is a gift of Allah swt a piece of paradise if we Pakistani take care of it..

    Pakistan is a country where each day the sun renews a centuries old oath with the land of the brave conquerors, the descendants of some of the world’s most warrior nations that also gave the region art, science, culture, and music. A land where love finds a meaning in the heart-warming hospitality of the people, a land where history and ancient civilization mystifies one’s heart, a land where spiritualism unveils its mystery at the shrines of Sufi saints who conquer Central Asia and South Asia with a message of love, tolerance and pride. Pakistan is the modern-day expression of a long line of unique Muslim dynasties that ruled this region for the past millennium. They were unique people who mastered the art of living and war. The Pakistanis, with the diverse migrations of their ancestors, are a martial people who descended from the Aryans, Turks, Arabs, Persians, and Indians. Pakistan is a country amoung the highest IQ level people in the world, Today the nation might be facing immense challenges. But we Pakistani will overcome them Inshaallah..

    Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

    Our beloved country called Islamic Republic of Pakistan in fact has lost touch with the three essential components of its name i.e. Islam, democracy and purity. A country where 6 year old girls are gang-raped, female dead bodies are dug out of their graves for sexual gratification, women are sentenced to be marched naked in bazars, where human life is worth nothing where the killer and the killed are both “Shaheed”, where lawlessness is celebrated, where law abiding means the craftiness with which the law can be manipulated and broken left, right and centre without being caught, where the difference between democracy and dictatorship is that people choose whom they want to be abused by in case of the former, where the scholars of Islam are neglecting their duty of nurturing the true values of the Deen and they are letting the society decay because they are suffering from the delusion that they have to first seize political power and only then they will correct the problems, where the protectors are predators and predators are protected, where judiciary is helpless, where parliament is hopeless, where the army is impotent and where all of this and much more is happening because many are ignorant, arrogant or both.

    What all of us as Pakistanis are witnessing day in day out are the various symptoms of a cancer that has spread in each and every walk of life in this beloved country of ours. Isn’t it amazing that dozens of intelligent and energetic journalists on a plethora of channels are frantically running around in their futile attempts to capture and understand what is going on and why all of this is happening in the length and breadth of this country?

    If we look at the variety of problems our beloved country is facing at the moment, we will see lawlessness, lack of governance, lack of planning, poverty, energy crisis, illiteracy, class system, lack of tolerance, extremism and violence to name a few. Unless we looked in the right direction for the diagnosis and treatment of the illness underlying all of these symptoms, we will continue staggering down this vicious spiral.

    Let us contemplate and collaboratively explore how to proceed individually as well as collectively to commence the process of improving our condition.

    Faith, Unity & Discipline:

    Our intellectuals have wasted last 65 years debating whether Baba e Qaum Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular country or an Islamic one and he was shia or sunni In reality seperation from hindus was clearly mean seprate islamic state for muslims if someone have little common sense and also Baba e Qaum was only muslim he offerd prayers uncounted times in mosques in big grounds with other muslims but not in imambarghas that is a slap of truth on faces of sharpasand shaytaans who called him shia to create a hate in between pakistanis, and such a meaningless debate and the behaviour that ensues from such endeavours at individual as well as National level has paved the way for our identity confusion and a crisis of faith, unity and discipline leading to what can be conceptualized as a split personality of this State.

    The time has come that we leave such stupid debates behind and start focusing on developing a clearer understanding of the relationship between the vision-statement envisaged in the name of our beloved country “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, the motto of its founder “Faith, Unity & Discipline” and the song of the people who sacrificed for it to come into existence “Pakistan ka matlab kaya: La ilaha illa-Allah”.

    Let us begin connecting the dots of Faith, Discipline and Unity with those of Islam, Republic and Pakistan to see whether it reads “la ilaha illa-Allah”?

    The fact of the matter is that if one keeps in mind the historical perspective and the circumstances at the time this country came into existence by the sheer Will of Allah being the first one to be founded on an ideology i.e. the “Faith” of “Islam” with a view to nurture “Unity” of the Muslims through the “Discipline” of “Democracy” to establish a land of the pure “Pakistan” a country that will be a model Islamic State or in other words a true modern replica of the first Islamic State founded after Muslim’s migration to Medina a cultivating ground of Muslim brotherhood and love and a sanctuary of Peace for all irrespective of their colour, language or religion.

    Let us contemplate what would have made that possible, why have we been unsuccessful in doing so, so far and what can put us on a path that will materialize the very purpose of the creation of this beloved country of ours insha Allah.

    La ilaha illa-Allah:

    “there is no god but Allah” is the statement that defines the first Pillar of Islam i.e. Tawheed meaning that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah the One True God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all). This has been the core Message that Allah has sent to mankind for their guidance through His prophets through the ages.

    The Arabic word Islam means submission. It also means peace The connection between these two is that when a Muslim individual or community completely submits to the Will of Allah, the Peace that will emanate from such a submission is called Islam.The way of life The concept of worship in Islam is an overarching one. In addition to the ritualistic aspect of bodily submission, equally important is the aspect of complete submission of heart and mind to the Commandments of Allah in every walk of our life.

    In Qur’an Majeed Allah has commanded us to obey Him and the Prophet. This will explain “Muhammad ar-Rasool ullah” meaning that we need to submit to the Commandments of Allah as taught by Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

    La ilaha illa-Allah is a profound statement that encompasses every aspect of our life. Belief in the fact that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of all creatures, our existence on Earth is for a temporary period and is a constant test, there is coming a Day when we all will be accountable for each and everything that we did and when the Most Conclusive Judge will determine our eternal abode.

    Such a world view would result in a way of life that will give rise to individuals that will be God-fearing, responsible, truthful, honest and useful for others. Such a way of life will nurture a culture of mindfulness, sincerity, morality and mutual love and care. Such a way of life will give rise to a society that values Justice, fairness, benevolence and generosity. Such a Way of Life will be the true Deen of Islam that will bring peace in this life and ultimate success in the Hereafter.

    When the foundation of La ilaha illa-Allah is missing or is corrupted by erroneous ideas then defiance to the Commandments of Allah will ensue and will give rise to ignorant, arrogant, deceitful, hypocritical and harmful individuals. Such a way of life will lead to a mindless, opportunistic and immoral culture and a society that is exploitative, greedy and materialistic. Such a way of life can only bring hatred, violence and destruction.

    Let us contemplate where do we stand in relation to this criteria derived from the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah and what choices do we need to make as individuals and as a Nation that will put us on the Straight Path of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing here and will lead us to True Success in the Hereafter insha Allah..

    ** Pakistan Ko Khushhal Karnai, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinaah Aur Allama Mohammad Iqbal Ka Hansta Muskrata Buraion Se Paak Mazboot Aur Mehfooz Dream Islamic Welfare State Of The World Bnanai Ka Formula !! **

    Some Steps From Many Jo Ke 100% Kable Amal Hain Aur Qudarti Wsael Se Mala Maal Pakistan Ke Apnai Wasael Se Mehnat, Saaf Neat, Emandaar Hukmurani, Good Aur Awaam Dost Honest Leadership, Emaan Ke Jazbay Walay Honest Brainy Planers, Project Cheafs And Workers Aur Allah Swt Ki Madad Se To Make Pakistan Like Paradise A Misaali Islamic Welfare Khushhaal Aur Powerful Muslim Nuclear State..

    ** One Unit Pakistan **
    No Laasani Suba Shubaz, Ayk Watan Pakistan Ayk Pehchan Pakistani Har Pakistani Ke Ayk Se Hqook Subon Ki Dewarain Khatam Firkawariat, Lasaaniat,Mazhbi Nafraton Ko Muhobton Main Badalnai Ke Liay Sab Sirf Pakistani, Switzerland Aur Dunia Ke Deegar Trakki Yaafta Mulkon Ki Tarha Brabari Ki Bunyaad Per Abadi, Area Aur Awaam Ki Sahuliat Aur Zarooriat Ke Lehaz Se Trakiaati Kaamon Ke Liay 25-50 Munsfana Aur Brabar Intzaami Units But Must Not And Never Siaasi Shaytani Lasaani Aur Zubani Takseem Tmaam Bainal Akwami Airports Aur Sea Ports Per Civil Intzamia Ke Saath Army Ki Nigrani Gayr Kaanooni Eshia Aslahay Aur Criminals Ki Amad O Rafat Badd..

    Complete Law N Order, Equal Justice And Accountability For Every One Aur Sab Ki Jaan O Maal Aur Ezat Ki Hifazat, The End Of Corruption Forever, Simple Formula Is Source Of Income, Aamdni – Ikrajaat = Bachat = Jaydaad Paysa Aur Karobaar Is Jaaiz Baaki Sab Ghapla, Najaez Aur Loot Khasoot Ka Zabat Aur Corruption Ke Hisaab Se Lambi Jail Aur Jurmana Aur Election Main Hisa Lenai Ke Liay Zindgi Bhar Ke Liay Naehal Haram Ki Kamaee Aur Ess Se Bnai Huee Jaidadain Karobaar Zabat, Juraim Ki Fauran Aur Ibratnaak Sazaain..

    ** Har Kanoon Quraan O Sunnah Ke Ayn Mutabic **
    Aaen E Pakistan Ka Pehla Base He Allah swt, Quran O Sunnah Aur Sharia Hai Ess Liay Har Naey Kanoon Ki Sab Se Pehlay 20-25 Quraan O Suunah Aur Sharia Ke Mahir Jaedd Ulma Ki Adalat Essay Hadood Allah, Quraan Aur Sunnah Ke Aynn Mutabic Bnaay Baad Main Bil Bina Koi Marzi Ki Tabdili Ke Manzoor Ho Aur Sab Puranai Qawaneen Aur Aaeen Ko Bhi Essi Tarha Mukammal Taseeh Kiunkay Maujuda Aaeen e Pakistan Ki Bahot Si Shikain Na Sirf Gayr Islami Balkay Quraan O Sunnah Hadood Allah Yani Islami Sharia Se Mutsadim Hain Jaysay Sadar Ka Har Jurm Se Estassna Ye Ek Sharamnaak Misaal Hai Baaki Bhi Bahot Se Kawaneen Aysay He Gayr Islamic Aur Insaaf Aur Insaniat Aur Islam Ke Baraks Aur Islam Ki Toheen Ke Brabar Hain..

    ** Quick Aur Sasta Insaaf For All **
    Sab Ke Sab 70 Saal Se Ziada Umron Walon Ki Jailon Se Rehaee, Un Tmaam Kaidion Ki Rihaee Jo Courts Ke Intzaar Main Apnai Jurm Ki Saza Se Ziada Jail Kaat Chukay, Gareebon Aurton Aur Bachon Ka Khaas Khiaal Har Kisim Ki Gardi Aur Gardon Ka Kalla Kama Gardon Ko Ibratnaak Aur Jaldi Sazain Gareebon Ke Liay Jaldi Insaaf Free Insaaf On The Door Of Every Pakistani, Sangeen Juraim Ki Quick Aur Ibratnaak Sazaain Aur Aysay Sangeen Mujrimon Ke Liay Fast Track Courts, Kaidion Ko Mobile Phone Aur Mamnua Eshyaa Faraham Karnai Walon Aur Inka Notice Na Lenai Walay Gardaar Amlay Ke Khilaaf Sakht Kaarwai Awaam Ki Hifazat Ke Liay Kawaneen Aur Maujuda Kawaneen Main Awaam Ke Hqook Ke Liay Quran O Sunnah Ke Mutabik Islami Trameem..

    ** Adaalaton Ke Orders Ki Fauran Tameel Aam Pakistani Ho Ya Hukmran, Har Chotay Baray Ke Liay Ayk Kanoon Ayk Jesa Bila Imtiaaz Allah Ko Hazir Nazir Jaantay Huay Insaaf Ka Faisla Aur No Estasna Of Any Crime To No One Aam Insaan Ya Daaku Hukmran Koi Bhi Bara Pehalwan Ya Koi Daultmand Shaytaan Sab Ke Liay Ayk Kanoon Bila Tafreek Sharia Ke Mutabik Taiz Tar Insaaf Faisla Aur Esska Fauran Itlaak.. **

    Hukumat Adalton Ke Orders Per Amal Na Karay To Army Ke Jawaan Karwain Bosses Gardari Karain Order Na Dain To Unko Bhi Urain Aur Aysi Hukumat Ka Khaatma Karain Aysay Begayrat Behiss Laalchi Choor Aur Gardaar Hukmrano Ko Latkaain, Forces Ke Jawaan Satuu Pee Ke Awaam Ki Barbadi, Court Ka Aur Court Ke Faislon Ke Mazaaq Ka Tamasha Na Daikhain Balkay Apna Faraz Nibhain Awaam Ka Saath Dain Faislon Per Amal Karwain, Sirf Sarhadon Sumundron Aur Fizaon Ki Hifazat Ka Zumma He Nahin 18 Karoor Ke Bachon Bhaion Buzurgon Ka Faraz Pakistan Ki Aur Esskay Awaam Se Anduruni Dushmano Gardaron Aur Criminals Se Bhi Hifazat Hai Aur Essi Faraz Ki Adaigi He Hai Maan Ke Doodh Ki Laaj Baap Behno Bhaion Azizon Buzurgon Ke Pyaar Ki Laaj Awaam Ke Aap Par Trust Ki Laaj..

    Jamhooriat Ka Matlab Hai Jamhoor Ki Hukumat Yaani Awaam Ki Hukumat Na Ke Jamhurat Ke Naam Per Pakistan Ko Esske Asason Aur Edaron Ko Hukmurano Ki Surat Main Daakuon Aur Gardaaron Ke Hawalay Karna Jo Awaam Ko Zinda Dargor Karke Pakistan Ke Sab Edaaron Aur Awami Sahulton Ka Khoon Nichoor Kar Apnai Accounts Bharain, Pakistan Ke Andar Aur Bahir Haraam Ke Mehal, Karobaar Aur Jaidadain Bnain Aysi Hukumat Ko Jamhuriat Ka Naam Dena Jamhuriat Ki Toheen Hai Ye Jamhuriat Ke Libaday Main Daaku Raaj Kehlata Hai Aysay Raaj Ko Khatam Karke Enki Haraam Ki Jaeydadain Baitul Maal Main Zabat Kar Ke Luteron Ko Ebratnaak Sazaain Ke Ainda Koi Aysi Jurat Na Karay Aur Emaandari Se Awaam Ki Khidmat Karay Pakistan Ko Mukamal Islamic Aur Khushaal Bnaeay.. Bahot Jald Insha Allah..

    Har Gaon City Goth Har Area Ki Safaee Ka Makool Aur Mustkil Intzaam, The End Of Walk Chalking Paan Gutka Chaliya Supari Naswaar Beeri Seesha Sharaab Etc Infact Har Kisam Kil Manshiaat Ka Mukammal Khaatma, Rubish Collection Aur Destroy Ka Jadeed Elakaai Nizaam..Ganday Naalon Ki Nehron Aur Khaalon Ki Salaana Mukamal Safaee Aur Pakkay Kinaaray Aur Hifazti Iqdaamaat..

    Kachi Abadion Ki Jaga Chotay He Sahi Lekin Mukamal Sahuliat Ke Saath Jadeed Makaan Aur Shoping Areas, Bachon Ke Liay Play Areas Aur Parks, Baron Ke Liay Tehzeebi Tafreeh Gaahin, Msajid, Libraries, Parks Se Gundon Mawalion Aur Gayr Ekhlaaki Harkaat Karnai Walon Ki Saray Aam Chitrool Aur Dakhlay Per Pabandi..

    Bezubaan Janwaron, Parindon Aur Aabi Hayaat Ka Bhi Har Tarha Ka Khiaal, Un Per Zulmo Sitam Se Perhaiz Aur Wakat Per Khana Paani Aur Araam, Un Per Bhi Khuda Khaufi, En Ke Hqook Ka Bhi Khiaal, Moor Hon Ya Chkoor Infact Harbezubaan Kahin Enki Zindgi Ko Kisi Bemari Ya Khuraak Ki Kilat Ya Mausam Ki Shiddat Ka Saamna Ho To Uss Ka Azaala Karnai Ki Puri Koshish Har Kisam Ke Nayaab Balkay Sab Parndon Ka Shikaar Mamnuh, Daryaon Nehron Aur Jheelon Main Zehrela Muwad Chornai Walon Ko Be Zubaan Aabi Hayatiat Ko Zehar Denai Walon Ko Sakat Saza Aur Bhaari Jurmaana Na Baaz Aain To Jail, Jis Sarzameen Par Bezuban Zinda Dargore Hona Shuruh Hojain Uss Kaum Ko Jaagna Chaheay Kiun Ke Bezubano Ke Ha Saat Aasmaano Ko Cheer Kar Seedhi Allah Ki Bargah Main Pohnchi Hai Aur Essi Tarha Dua Bhi Now Choice Is Yours Azaab Ya Rehmat E Rab E Qaeynaat..

    Beaches Per Jadeed Clean Waseeh Aur Mehfooz Baahaya Tafreeh Gahain, Safaee Ka Makool Intzaam, Tafreeh Ke Liay Anai Walon Ke Liay Sahuliaat Gundon Mawalion Chichoron Aur Tpoorion Ka Daakla Mamnu Koi Baaz Na Aey To Unko Gutter Ke Paani Se Mun Kala Kar Gadhay Pe Bitha Ke.. Nai Becharay Bezubaan Gadhay Ko Kiss Jurm Ki Saza Balkay En Mawalion Ko Paydal Dura Ke Bhaga Ke Ghuma Ke Litar Prade Sahi Rahay Gi..

    ** Supreme Court, Army, Aur Honest Muhibay Watan Emaandaar Awaam Dost Aur Pakistan Dost Media Keep An Eye Of Everthing Wrong.. If There Is Any Thing Expose It Honestly Truly And Nicely And Help To Solve The Prob.. Opps Most Of The Media Tau Sleebi Shaytaano Ka Hai Ye Musalmano Ka Kiya Sochain Gay..**

    Fahashi Behayaee Juaa Sharaab Prostitution Manshiaat Agwa Braey Tawaan Znaa Bad Ekhlaq Stage Shows, Danse Parties, Neem Urian Fashion Aur Gayr Ikhlaki Music Shows Etc Ka Mukamal Khatma, Ikhlaq Se Giri Huee Aur Gundi Filmon Dramon Aur Westran Style Yahood o Nisara Ke Agents Fm Radios Aur Tv Channels Ka Mukamal Kala Kama Aur Behaya Media Ke Maalkaan Aur Karta Dharta Ke Khilaf Sakht Kaarwai Govt Ke Secret Fund Ki Mukamal Bandish Media Aur Mutalka Edaron Se Kaali Bhayron Ka Mukamal Khaatma Aur Sahafat Jesay Pakeeza Payshy Ko Ganda Karnai Walay Paysay Ke Pujaarion Ka Mukamal Ehtsaab Aur Mujrmaan Ko Saza Haraam Ki Kmaee Aur Ess Se Li Gaee Har Cheez Zabat Aur Aainda Shafat Se Mutalka Har Job Karnai Par Tahayaat Pabandi, Aysay Channels Ke Khilaaf Sakhat Kaarwai Magarmachon Aur West Ke Gulaamon Ka Sfaaya, Be Muhibay Watan Aur Awaam Dost Media Se Gardaar Hukumti Aur Dushmnan e Islam Pakistan Ke Dishonest Aur Uryaani Aur Tafarka Phaylani Walay Laalchi Munafikon Ki Safaai..

    Har Kisam Ke Aslahy Ki Public Se Collection Khaas Taur Par Karachi Se Plus Holders Data Collection Aur No Licence To No One At All, Asleha Rakhnai Ki Sakhat Saza, Jurmana Aur Jail Sab Licence Cancel Aur No Ijra Of Any Licence Arms Ka Haq Sirf Security Forces..

    Fake Votes Aur Id Cards Aur Gunda Gardi Ka Mukamal Khaatma, Bandook Ki Nook Per Vote Aur Bhata Khori Aur Badmashi Ka Mukamal Kala Kama, Fauj Ki Aur Azaad International Watch Dogs Ki Nigrani Main Azadana Real Voting, No 10-10 Snakhti Card No 3 Karoor Jaali Vote, Dhaandli Karnai Walon Ko Sazain Aur Ta Umar Naahli, Ghar Bethay Logon Ka Jaali Vote Cast Karnai Wali Gunda Gardi Bhatta Khoron Ki Badmashi Killing Main Mulawas Partion Ko Kaladam Kraar De Kar Criminals Ko Ebratnaak Sazaain Tarkeen e Watan Ke Naam Per Jaali Voting Ke Plans Per Karri Nazar Dohri Shehriat Walon Ke Kissi Bhi Sarkari Ohday Per Pabandi Aur Hum Karain Ge Dunia Main Ebtdaa DNA Data Ki Inshaallah Har Jurm Ki Rookthaam Har Dhaandli Ko Benkaab Karnai Ka Azeem Intzaam Pakistan Main Rehnai Walay Har Ek Farad Ka DNA Record..

    Pakistan Se Bari Rukoom Abroad Transfer Karnai Per Pabandi, Chnaday Ke Naam Per Ya Direct Bhata Lenai Walon Ko Ibratnak Sazain Baray Karzon Aur Luti Huee Daulat Ki Wasooli Aur Esski Pakistan Wapsi, Bhatay Ki Rakam Chanday Ke Naam Per Bahir Bethay Taporion Ko Bhajhnain Per Pabandi Bahir Ki Jaidadon Ka Ehtsaab Aur Kaarwai, Luteron Aur Criminal Bhaguron Ki Pakistan Main Tmaam Jaaydadain Zabat Aur Abroad Bhi Kanooni Kaarwai, Gardaaron Ko Phaansi Telephonik Bakwass Karnai Walay Dehshat Gardon Ki Nafratain Aur Firkawariat Phaylani Per Pabandi Aur Enki Red Warrants Ke Saath Pakistan Waapsi Enke Jurmon Ki Ibratnaak Saza Pakistan Se Muhobat Hai Yar Jurat Rakhtay Hain To Ye Bhaguray Chuhay Pakistan Aain Aur Awaam Ke Amnai Saamnai Baat Karni Ki Jurat Karain Apnai Wehsiana Juraim Ki Ebaratnaak Saza Paaen..

    Most Basic Sahuliaat For All Awaam, Baray Baray Jageerdaron Waderon Sardaron Khano Nawabon Arab Kharab Pation Ka Ehtsaab Enki Gulami Badmashi Aur Chohdrahat Ka Khatma, Awaam Ke Hqook Direct Awaam Ko Middle Man Ghaplay Ka Khaatma Aur Awaam Ko Kaagzi Nahi Balkay Real Sahulaat Ki Direct Frahmi Naraaz Pakistanio Ki Taraf Dosti Ka Haath Gardaron Ki mukamal Safaee Awaam Ki Khushali Zarkhaiz Zameen Pyaar Aur Muhobat Main He Hai Sabki Bhalai..

    ** 50-55 Acer Zaree Zameen Ki Hadd Per Family **
    (Miaan Biwi 18 Saal Se Kam Umar Bachay) Real Land Reform, 25 Acer Se Ziada Zameen Per Tex, Millions Acer Banjar Zameeno Ko Pani Ki Frahmi Aur In Per Jadeed Tareekon Se Kaasht as Jadeed Khoobsurt Farms, Gareebon Main Zameeno Ki Takseem, Gundon Se Aur Jaali Kaagzaat Se Onai Ponai Sarkari Zameenon Hasil Karnai Walay Taporion Se Zameen Lekar Enke Khilaf Kaarwai, Child Labour Band Majbur Bachon Ki Famalies Ko Wazeefa, Mohlik Bemarion Main Mubtla Tmaam Yaani Sab Ke Sab Gareebon Aur Enke Bachon Ka Sarkari Kharach Par Elaaj, Kam Azz Tankhawa Ke Kanoon Per Amal, Na Karnai Walon Ko Jurmana Aur Sazaain Hukumat Haq Aur Madad E Rabezuljlaal Ki Madad Se Kam Az Tankhwa Mahana Hogi 10 Gram Gold Ki Keemat Ke Brabar Aaj Nahin To Kal Insha Allah..

    Benami Asason Rishtaydaron Ke Naam Muntkil Assason Etc Ka Hisaab Gardari Kar Ke Goron Se Li Gaee Hazaaron Acer Zameen Dhandli Kar Ke Li Gaee Zameen Loot Khasoot Ke Haraam Ke Paysay Se Li Gaee Zameen Mzaaron Haarion Main Takseem, Niji Jailon Aur Torture Cells Ka Khatma, Bnanai Walon Ko Sakht Sazaen Jurmana Aur Jail Jaidad Zabat Name And Shame..

    Emaandaar Aur Kabil Leaders Teachers Wazeer Musheer Aur Officers, Honhaar Talba Aur Talebaat Ki Hosla Afzaae Aur Makool Maali Wazeefa Alla Taleem Ke Liay Madad Aur Honsla Afzai Jaali Degreeon Jaali Doctors Jaali Aamil Shamil Aur Hakeemon Infact Sab Nausar Baazon Se Awaam Ki Hifazat Doctors Ki Hartaal Per Mukamal Pabandi Awaam Ki Zindgion Se Khailnai Walon Ke Khilaaf Sakht Aur Fauran Kaarwai..

    Achi Jadeed Free Taleem Ke Saath Quranic And Islamic Taleem, Aramdeh Aur Sab Sahuliat Ke Saath Schools, Colleges And Unis Puray Mulk Ke Schools Ka Nisaab Ayk, Schools Aur Sahuliat Ayk, Gareebon Ke Liay Taleem Free Baaki Sab Ki Fees Ayk Parhaee Ka Tareeka Ayk Talba Per Shafqat Ustaadon Ki Ezat o Ehtram Essi Main Hai Bhalai Khushali Dil Ka Sukoon Aur Araam Achi Taleem o Tarbeat Har Burai Se Nijaat..

    Free Health Care Of Poors, Roti Kapra Aur Makaan Bhook Kafan Aur Kabar Nahin Free Elaaj Taleem Insaaf Aur Jaan o Maal Ki Mukamal Hifazat For All, Nadaar Mazoor Majboor Aur Yateemon Ki Mukamal Kifaalat, Intahee Poor Famlies Ki Kifalat Aur Kam Azz Kam Har Ghar Ke Ek Fard Ko Achi Naukri, Aur Basic Sahuliat Pick And Choose Nai Sab Gareebon Ke Liay Barabar Imdaad Aur Nizaam Bhikarion Ki Imdaad Peshawar Sehatmad Bhikarion Ke Liay Mazdoori, Esske Baad Bhi Baaz Na Anai Walon Ko Saza, Mjboor Lachaar Bemaar Aur Apahij Logon Aur Bhikarion Ke Liay Baitul Maal Se Mahana Makool Wazeefa Bheek Band Ezat Ki Daal Roti Aur Rehaish Ka Intzaam..

    Real Honest Elakai Food Price – Quality Watch & Active Controle Teams Milawat Ka Khaatma, Shops Ki Mansuba Bandi, Awaam Ke Saath Taajron Ka Bhi Khiaal Sastay Aur Saaf Hafta Waar Bazaaron Main Gareebon Ki Sahulat Ke Liay Sasti Aur Achi Cheezon Ki Frahmi Oper Se Neechay Tak Insaaf..

    **Ramzan Ul Mubarak Main He Awaam Par Reham **
    Europe To Kiya Dunia Ke Aksar Muslim Aur Non Muslim Countries Main Muslims Ke Rozana Estmaal Ki Eshyaa Ki Keemat Bahot Kam Kardaytay Hain Aur Food Quality Per Ziada Gehri Nigrani Ki Jaati Hai Ye Khiaal Bhi Rakha Jaata Hai Ke Har Cheez Ka Stock Bhi Maujood Rahay Etni Ezat Hai Ramzan E Karim Ki Aur Rozadaron Ki Ke Ramzaan Main Istmaal Honi Wali Har Cheez Doodh Dahi Aata Butter Ghi Khurdni Tail Makhan Chawal Khushk Mewajaat Mashroobat Maida Baisan Cheeni Dalain Sabzian Phal Khaas Taur Par Juices Aysi He Bahot Si Cheezon Ki Keemtain Hayrankun Taur Par Kam Apnai Tehwaron Se Bhi Kahin Ziada Ramzan e Karim Main Reaytain Aur Sahuliat De Ke Ye Loog Allah Ka Karam Samaytay Hain Jabkay Pakistan Main Esske Barakss Hai Aur To Aur Hukmran Ramzaan Main Bhi Dhoka Dahi Se Baaz Nahin Aatay Sasti Cheezon Ki Frahmi Ke Ishthaar Hukumti Dramain Baazi Amli Taur Par Kuch Bhi Nahin Sirf Awaam Ko Zaleel Karnai Ke Liay Topi Drama.. Allah Enko Hdaet Day Aur Enko Apni Kabrain yaad Karway Ooper Tau Taaj Mehal Banwa Lain Gay Gabar Ke Andar Azaab Se Kon Bchaeay Ga Inhain..

    ** Jaali Aur Nakiss Duain Bnani Waalon Dawasaaz Edaray Ke Har Mulawas Aur Zumaindaar Bhayriay Aur Insaano Ke Kaatlilon Ko Phansi Ya Umar Kaid Aur Jaan Bujh Ke Jaali Nakis Aur Expired Duwain Suply Karnai Walon Kareednai Walay Stores Ke Malikan Hospital Ke Mulawas Amlay Aur Mujrmana Gaflat Batnai Walay Doctors Etc Ko Sakhat Tareen Sazain Jurmani Aur Bartarfi Hospitals Main Medical Aalaat Ki Kharabi Ka Baaess Banai Walay Agenton Ki Litar Prade Aur Bartarfi Alaat Ki Khaas Nigrani Aur Kaarabi Ki Surat Main Fauran Muramat, Awaam Se Dohka Faraib Nausarbaazi Karnai Walon Ki Dhulaee Baaz Na Aain To Jail Aur Jurmana, Zakeera Andozi Milawat Aur Kam Naap Tol Karnai Waalon Ke Saath Bhi Essi Kuliay Ka Istmaal, Safaee Neechay Se Ooper Nahin Ooper Se Neechay **

    Har Pakistani Aur Even Mehmaan Insaan Ki Jaan o Maal Ezat Ki Hifazat, Dunia Ke Ek Khoobsurat Tareen Aur Tareekhi Mulk Pakistan Ko Saiyahon Ki Jannat Ki Dunua Main Tasheer, Saiahon Ke Liay Sahuliat.. New Roads Theharnai Ke Saath Khanai Peenai Shoping Transport Etc Ki Sahuliat..

    More And More Healthy Live Stock, Fruit Farams, Dairy Farms Etc, Pakistanio Ke Liay Aur Enki Export Baad Main Pehlay Pakistani Awaam Ke Liay, Afghanastan Main Yahood O Nisaar Ko Har Kisam Ki Suply Bund Pakistan Ke Gareebon Ko Shuruh 200 Se Ziada Kisim Ke Phal Sabzian Dalain Maywajaat Hain Pakistan Main Jannat Nazeer Zameen Hai Pakistan Ki Allah Ki Har Naimat Majud Hai Agar Koi Allah Ke Banday Aur Usski Team Ki Emaani Hukumat Ho To Zameen Sona Uglay Phaar Darya Sehra Apnai Khazanai Kadmon Main Daalain..

    New Dames To Get 50000 – 75000 MW Electricity, Modern Electric Power Distribution Syestem, CNG Aur LPG Transport Ka Batadreej Mukamal Khaatma Suply Industry And Agriculture, CNG Stations Btadreej Mukamal Band, Pakistan Ke Safeeiron Ke Taur Par Mukarar Gardaron Luteron Aur Hukmarani Tolay Ke Lalon Talalon Se Sumunar Paar Pakistanion ako Nijaat Asli Awaam Dost Muhibay Watan Kabil Loogon Ki Safeeron Amlay Ke Taur Par Takarri, Gharelu Saarfeen Ko Aur Chotay Sanati Units Ko 24-7 Gas Aur Electricity Ki Suply, Door Draaz Aur Sard Elakay Ke Gareebon Ko Sasti LPG Ki Yakeeni Frahmin..

    ** Jadeed Research Institutes In Every Field**
    Jadeed Manufacturing Industry Of All Kind Of Stuff Pakistan Needs, Jadeed Kaasht Kaari Nizaam, Wind Mills Solar Energy Etc In Remote Areas To Suply 24 Hour Energy To Tube wells And People, Accept Offers Of Brother Country Iran, China And Non Usa Slave Rich Muslim Countries And Eu..

    New Jadeed Industry Of All Kind, With Self Power And Cleaning Of All Type Refuge, Mazdooron Ke Wage Aur Sahuliat Per Nazar Bari Milon Walay Apnai Apnai Unit Lgaain, Har Kisim Ki Industry Ke Liay Rehaishi Elakon Se Bahir Industrial Areas Workers Ki Hifazat Ka Intzaam Aur Kanoon Time To Time Inspaction..

    Dunia Ke Sab Se Baray Nehri Nizaam Ki Behtri Ke Ke Liay Pakki Sides – Pushtay, Shayharon Se Guzarnai Walai Chooti Nehron Ki Sides Pe Drakht Sabza Aur Garmi Main Awaam Ko Nahani Ki Khoobsurat Sahuliaat, Daraon Even Bari Bari Nehron Per Mini Dams..

    Kshaada Saaf Mazboot Roads, New Mazboot Aur Jadeed Railway Tracks And Airports, Jadeed Tareen Seaports Equipped With All Kind Of Latest Security Equipment And 24-7 CCTV Cameras, Honest Staff Aur Hifazti Police Jadeed Sahuliat Ke Saath, Jadeed Goods Transport System, Railway Stations Aur Buss Stands Per Musafron Ke Liay Araamdeh Waiting Areas Penai Ke Pani Aur Washrooms Ki Sahuliat Ke Saath, Peenai Ke Saaf Paani Ki Sab Musafiron Ko Free Suplay, Khanai Peenai Ki Sasti Aur Mayari Frahmi Taraki Yafta Mulkon Ki Tarha Safri Zaruriat Aur Food Ki Mini Shops..

    Jadeed Airports And Arial Transport With Honest And Kind Staff And Fault Free International Safety Standards Ke Plans, Trains, Aur Road Transport Tarbiati Flight Markaz Shayhar Se Bahir, Rishwat Khoor Amlay Ka Khaatma, Overseas Pakistanion,, Hajion, Maazuron, Aurton Aur Bachon Ke Liay Sahuliat Etc..

    ** Nikaasi Ay Aab Ka Jadeed Nizaam Barish/Saylaab Mutasreen Ki Har Kisam Ki Aur Fauran Aur Hartarha Ki Mukamal Dekh Bhaal Hangami Halaat Zalzala Selaab Aag Road, Railway, Fizaee Transport Koi Bhi Hadisa Waba Etc Se Fauran Aur Hangami Bunadon Per Nimatnai Ke Liay Jadeed Active Unites Jadeed Alaat Aur Samaan Aur Experts All Over Pakistan Haadsay Ki Kam Se Kam Mudat Main Mukamal Munsfana Tehkeekat Aur Zumaindaaron Ke Khilaaf Sakhtareen Kaarwai **

    Saylaab Zada Areas Main Kachay Pakay Gayrmehfooz Mkaano Ki Jaga Chootay He Sahi Lekin Mehfooz Onchay Mukamaat Per Jadeed Makaan, Muweshion Ke Liay Bhi Makool Intzaam, Saylab Ki Surat Main Jaan Bcani Ke Liay Onchi Jaghaon Per Intzaam..

    ** Puray Pakistan Main Jadeed Sahuliat Ke Saath Laakhon Nai Planing Ke Saath Residential Colonies Main Gareebon Ke Liay Sastay Ghar, Aakhri Aaraam Gaahon (Kabarstano) Ki Hihifazat Aur Munazam Tareekay Se Naey Kabristano Main Tadfeen Ka Tareeka e Kaar, Kabron Aur Murdon Ki Behurmati Main Mulawas Shaytano Ke Khilaaf Sakhtan Tareen Kaarwai Aur Ebratnaak Sazain, Sifli Aur Jaali Amlon Ki Saray Aam Chitrol Aur Tahayaat Jail **

    Saada Lekin Araamdeh Transport, Transport Ki Gayzaroori Decoration Aur In Main Music Per Pabandi, Transport Ka Kanoon Public Transport Har Group Ki Ayk Si, Ayk Si Bari Ayk Si Choti Gaarian Jadeed Usolon Ke Mutabic Musafron Ki Sahulat Aur Hifazt Ko Tarjeeh Ek Mehfooz Speed Limit, CNG, LPG Se Mukamal Se Ejtnaab..

    Jadeed Hospitals For All, Hangami Bemarion Se Nimatnain Ke Liay Har Taraf Gehri Nazar Aur Advance Main He Puray Intzaam, Dawaion Ke Storage, Suplay, Takseem Aur Checking Ka Behtreen Aur Munazam Intzaam, Har Baray Shayhar Main International Level Ki Jadeed Lab Aur Mahir Amla..

    Anjaaz Mehfooz Karnai Ke Jadeed Godaam Jo Kehat Bhi Par Jaeay To Zindon Ko Khilaey Anjaaj Ka Ek Dana Bhi Kharab Aur Zaeya Na Ho Paeay Awaam Ke Kaam Aeay..

    ** Har Saal Har Pakistani 5 Pauday Lagaey Aur Enki Dekh Bhaal Karay Long Life Fruits Ke Naey Pauday Including Dry Nuts And Fruits Like Khajur, Olive, Badaam, Pistash Pine Nuts (Chalgoza) Cashew Nut Brazil Nut Etc, **

    ** No Extra Luxry Stuff Of Any Kind, 1600 cc Se Bari Cars Jeeps Etc Par Mukamal Pabandi Including Expensive Mobile Phones, Lambiiiiiii List Etc Sastay Se Sastay Mobile Phones Ka Estmaal Naujawano Ko Burai Ki Taraf Mael Karnai Walay Packages Per Nazar, More Export Less Import Aur Gayr Zaroori Eshya Ki Import Per Mukamal Pabandi B Pakistani Buy Pakistani **

    ** Zameen, Paharon Aur Sehra Main Chupi Trillions And Trillions Ki Naimtain (Jawahraat, Madayaat, Coal, Gas, Petrole Etc) Aur Sumundar Se Allah Ki Na Khatam Honai Wali Naimton Machli Aur Petrol Ka Istmaal **

    ** Latestest Fishrery Ships, Storage, Packing And Export, Jadeed Tec Ka Husool Fishrey Export Se Usa Se Milnai Wali Imdaad Se 50 Guna Zaray Mubadla Hasil Hosakta Hai **

    Gardaar Machar Group, Mqm Ke Gardaar Anti Islam And Pakistan Dehshat Garad, Usa Ke Behiss Jaanwar, Zardari Tolay Ke Ganday Anday NRO Ke Begayrat Criminsals, Daaku Aur Gardaar Aysi Sab Zlalatain Out, Muhibay Watono Ka Watan Ki Flaah Ke Liay Itehaad Aur Mukamal Islami Flahi Nizaam Ke Liay Itehaad Pakistan Ke Liay Itehaad Pakistanion Ke Liay Itehaad..

    Akleeton Ke As A Pakistani Quran O Sunnah Ke Mutabik Brabar Ke Hukooq Lekin Toheen E Risalat Quran Aur Sahaba Kraam Aur Buzurgan e Deen Karnai Walon Ko Ibratnaak Sazza Muslim Karay Ya Non Muslim Hdood Allah Ki 100 % Pabandi..

    China, Iran, Afghanastan, Saudi Arabia Russia Europe Aur Muslim Mumalik Se Bagair Sharton Ke Dosti Aur Trade, Usa Ki Gulami Se Chutkaara, Apnai Paaon Per Insha Allah Khara Hoga Pakistan Inshaallah Dunia Ka Ek Azeem Mulk Hoga Pakistan..

    Brave And Jaanbaaz Defense Forces (Army Navy Airforce Rangers Police ISI Infact A-Z Jawaan) Equipped With Most Modern Arms – Weapons – Equipment And Brains..

    Latest Long- Short Range Missile + Cruise Missile System Including Missile Defence System Of All Kind, Abb Short Range Darmiani Range Long Range Nahin Bain Ul Barayazmi Phir Dunia Ke Kissi Bhi Konai Tak Maar Karnai Walay Shaheen Are Todays Need Of Defaah e Pakistan Koi Mushkil !! Hum Hain Na Jaanbaaz Khidmat Ka Mauka To Do 1Kilo Ka Bna Dain Gay Atomic Bomb.. Size Ki Choice Aapki Bna Ke Dena Hamara Kaam Essi Tarha Baray Azam To Baray Azam Nai Ensay Bhi Azam Taiz Aur Khatar Naak Missile Har Kisim Ki Pakistani Slahiton Se Mala Maal.. Hum Hain Na Shaheen, Allah (swt) Ke Banday Aur Bandian Gulamaan e Nabi E Aakir Ul Zaman (pbuh) Bass Aap West Ki Gulami Se Niklo Aur Honsla Pakro Roshan Ho Sakta Hai Sara Pakistan Zarkhaiz Ho Sakti Hain Banjar Zameenain Masail Sab Hosaktay Hain Khatam Kaamyabian Pakistanion Ka Naseeb Hoga Har Moor Par Inshaallah..

    All Pensioners Aur Bemaar Pakistanion, Mazoor Aur Majboor, Pakistanion, Buzurgon Aur Retired Pakistan Ki Khidmat Karnai Waly Heros – Mazoor Security Forces Aur Shohda Ki Familion Ka Khaas Khiaal, Enka Haq Inke Darwazay Per..

    ** NATO Suply Aur Drone Attacks Mukamal Aur Hamesha Ke Liay Khaatma Enke Tmaam Bases Band Visa Walay Non Visa Walay Sab Out Enke Killa Numa Sfaratkhano Aur Gudaamon Per Nazar Pakistan Main Enke Kilon Ki Tameer Par Pabandi Awaam Dost Islam Dost Aur Pakistan Donst Bhadrana Azaad Daakhla Kharja Infact Har Kisam Ki Policies Pakistan Se Aur Eske Har Idaray Including Media Se Usa Aur Yahood O Nisaara Ke Gulaam Gardaron Aur Islam Dushman Munafkon Ka Khaatma Aalmi Adalat E Insaaf Se Rujuh Zara Dekh To Lo Enka Bhi So Called Insaaf.. Per Jaeay Kon Hukmran To Khud West Ke Slave Hain..

    Paani Bijli Zraat Sab Maslon Ka Hal Get Kashmir Back From India Kashmirion Ko India Ke Zulmon Sitam Se Aazadi Kuch Bhi Dunia Ko Jgana UNO Ko Uthana Humen Rights Ke Thaykaydaaron Ko Bharkansa Ya Kissi Ko Paray Mnana Kashmirion Ko Hai Azaad Karana Inshaallah Also Getting Controle Of Water Coming To Pakistan Is Pakistans Life Line..

    After Solving Disputed Probs India Se Bhi Dosti Nahin Karay Ga To Nuksaan Esska Apna Khud Ka Aur Na Jang Karni Ka Brabri Ki Bunyaad Per Muahida Agar Wo Chahay Nahi To Na Sahi, Yaad Rahay Ke Agar Pakistan Aur India Apnai Misaail Hal Karlain To Ye Khitta Dunia Ka Europe Se Ziada To Kiya Most Tarakiyafta Ameer Powerfull Aur Khushhaal Ban Sakta Hai Aur Hazaron Begunah Jaanbaazon Ki Jaanain Bhi Bchaai Ja Sakti Hain Awaam Ko Khushaal Kiya Ja Sakta Hai Socho Mil Beth Ke Warna Bahot Peechay Reh Jaao Ge Saray..

    Afghanastan Iran China Bhai Bhai, USA Se Bheek Band, Muslim Ameer Mulkon Ki Brothrana Madad Welcome, Dost Mumalik Se Bila Kissi Shart Help For Pak Awaam Welcome For Limited Period Qudarat Ki Naimton Se Mala Maal Pakistan Ke Allah Ke Deay Khazaano Ka Estmaal..

    Tmaam Ebadat Gaahon Mzaaron Kabrastano Aur Tareekhi Wirsay Ka Mustkil Khiaal, Enki Hifazat Aur Respect Ke Liay Kanoon..

    Ye Jo Likha Jo Hamaray Dil Main Hai Wo Likha Aur Sach Likha Magar Saara Nahin Likha Baaki Baad Main Aapko Lagta Hoga Ye Ek Khawab Magar Ye Hai Hamara Jnoon Rahay Haq Ki Taraf Ek Azeem Kadam Pakistan Ke 18 Karoor Maut O Zindgi Ki Kashmukash Main Mubtla Zaalmon Ke Zulm Ka Shikaar Awaam Ko Azeeaton Se Nikalnai Ki Taraf Fi Sbeel Allah Tahay Dil Se Makhlook E Khuda Ki Khushali Ki Koshish Inshaallah Allah Subhana Hu Taala Rabay Kaeynaat Rahim O Karim Gaib Se Madad Karnai Wala Jalajlal o Hu Will Help Us Aur Hamari Koshishain Rang Laain Gi Ham Rahain Na Rahain Aysa He Azeem Hoga Ek Din Hamara Pyara Pakistan Har Kisam Ki Gardi Se Paak Noor e Islam Se Mala Maal Roshan Tareen Green Khushaal Pakistan..

    Allah Nighaybaan Islamic Republic Of Pakistan..

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