One year to 30Oct Jalsa : ‘ Historic ‘

Today the Pakistan TehreekeInsaf party workers celebrate the giant Jalsa of 30th Oct, a year back, conducted in Lahore, stronghold of PML-N.

The day when Imran khan named as Pied Piper of Lahore!Image

When we saw ‘Burger bachas’ went to the Political Jalsa for the very first time .when Patriotism was on its peak in Lahore.

This article is not to discuss or write pro/anti PTI policies but to remember those days, on which our nation united, 30Oct was one of them. Like Pakistani people helped open heartedly to the victims of 2005 earthquake.

 Proximity was also the factor for Lahorites to attend the Imran Khan Jalsa .people of every walk of life was there to saw the glimpse of new Pakistan, when our nation united irrespective of any caste, sect, faith, religion.

The day which brings a mark change of using social media by the political parties to mobilize their supporters.

On the other hand, gaining help from ISI chief General Pasha was the word of mouth on main stream media and repots.

People enthusiasm on that day was speechless, when nation gathered for a cause; our nation wants this type of JAZBA to bring real change in our society.

In recent poll, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) popularity graph is declining ‘due to turncoats’. PTI have to work allotted to compete the political graph which they have once in last year.

Share your experiences of that day.


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