Terrorism is on full swing in KPK

Plainclothes Pakistani officials check site of a bomb explosion outside the shrine of Kaka Sahib in Nowshehra

Three people were killed and at least 25 injured when an bomb blast took place in the Ziarat Kaka Sahib area in Nowshera on Sunday, on eve of main gate of the shrine of Kaka Sahib.

The shrine is the grave of a famous Pashtun Sufi saint Kasteer Gul, who is known as Kaka Saheb. The shrine is often frequented by locals.

While the news international filed a statement by spokesperson of TTP that this blast has nothing to do with TTP and they condemn it

“This blast is carried out by rivals to vilify the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the TPP condemns that,” he added.

Undoubtedly, khyber pakhtunkhwa province KPK has been suffering through the deadliest terrorist bombing .We has seen much bombing of Shrines in recent years. People who did this terrorist attacks have no mercy and respect even for the dead.

Many factors lead this kind of blasts on shrines and other public places. There is a security collapse in KPK province and intelligence within KPK government.

One conspiracy theory says, that these type of bombing on shrines and on public places usually done by American led groups so that anarchy leads in the favorable condition of states. This theory believer highly rejects any involvement of local militants groups or organization.

On the other side, these bombing are usually claimed by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (the TTP)the militant group from Waziristan. It’s a matter of faith by their side. They belief so, they did the way they like, the path they choose.

Government of Pakistan should take necessary steps to eliminate KPK from terrorist attacks, KPK, where girls have fear to go to schools for their basic education. Allot of work still need hard work to expose the foreign hand involve destabilizing the province peace. Either they launch operation or bring them on a negotiation table or at least named them and expose them in the case pf foreign hand .


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